A Love Forsaken (#54)

As I peer into your pain filled eyes,
I can hear my empty promises and heartfelt lies,
For I made you love and hurt just as equal,
And I led you to believe our romance would have a sequel,
Against watery reflection, I did you wrong and death,
For I didn’t see, nor feel, nor hear the pain in your breath,
An enchantress before me turns into a shadowy fox,
The past dealt with and cast into a coffin box,
Happiness surrounds your world now,
I can see it in your walk and the smile beneath your brow,
I see you and think I should be there and ask why I am not,
Confusion, perplexed, dishonored, I know the thought,
A friendship torn, a love ignored, a fatal wound bestowed,
How did I do this to you while my love for you still flowed?
An apology is demanded but forgiveness shouldn’t be spoken,
For I killed us and left your heart smashed and broken,
For I speak with sorrow, regret, and utmost rue,
I come before you to make amends- what will you do?

Any Thoughts?

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