2:11 PM (#411)

Topsy-turvy and round we go,
The baby about ready to show,
Earlier than we had hoped by 9 weeks,
An end to the pain is what she seeks,
But there are hours more to go,
The IV drip was cold and slow,
Contractions are about 2 minutes apart,
Nurses monitor blood pressure and beats of the heart,
Time seems to creep along,
The longer it stays, the more it doesn’t belong,
Labor full blown will be here soon,
Will it be in sunlight or under the moon?
In every part of her, she felt an ache,
To combat it, an epidural she opted to take,
The pain was more than she could bear,
I’m glad this is an experience I could share,
It hurts and grieves me to see her in pain,
Especially in labor’s greatest strain,
2:00pm and she’s ready to go,
Triston Bryant King, born in 10 minutes- WHOA!

Any Thoughts?

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