17th Anniversary (#1590)

I’m stuck with her, and she’s stuck with me,
And that’s the way it will always be,
Almost two decades ago we fell for each other,
We married, had a kid and still love one another,
This year marks our 17th year as husband and wife,
We’ve enjoyed the good times and survived the strife,
Like all relationships, ours has had its ebb and flow,
But even at the worst of times, we knew we’d never let go,
All those years ago we made a vow never to break,
Not to say we haven’t had frustration, anger, and heartache,
But we promised we’d be together for as long as we live,
That’s meant we had to learn to communicate and forgive,
At this stage, we probably love each other as much as hate,
But having one another is something we always appreciate,
It’s natural for relationships to shift and reshape,
But no matter the form, from each other there’s no escape,
To others our years of marriage tends to astound,
But to little old us, it’s not all that amazing or profound,
Divorces and separations are the norm across the nation,
Have people forgotten marriage takes work and dedication?
No matter what comes, our love will see us through,
For we are bound together stronger than any glue,

Any Thoughts?

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