Poem #25


One just can’t build a castle of love on quicksand,
Nor does one start without being hand in hand,
This is a venture that one doesn’t take lightly,
But one can’t push their way into it, even slightly,
Love is patient if one takes care to help it along,
Teaspoon of care, cup of time, love arrives before long,
The castle of love is carefully built from the dream,
Foundations are made from placed stones and beam,
Arches and details come with caring times,
Then soon come harps and wind chimes,
Stain glass windows enter the castle’s frame,
When the banners are up, it’ll never be the same,
For when their love is without doubt there,
The castle of love is a wonderful thing to share,
It’s large but only big enough for two,
The kingdom is green and the sky blue,
Sometimes people don’t look where they build their castles,
Those who don’t look sometimes meet a terrible hassle,
The hassle is sometimes deadly for the castle’s foundation,
Those who look only must deal with love’s anticipation,
So, before one builds a castle, inspect the land,
Because simply one can’t build a castle on quicksand.

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