Poem #1669

Percy (Sir Percival)

15 years ago, he came and brought us nothing but joy,
But today only sadness as we said goodbye to our boy,
Percy, our beautiful long-haired tuxedo cat,
You are loved and will be missed – there’s no doubting that,
He loved to lay on papers and anything electronic related,
Ready for us to come home, in the windows he always waited,
He was my son’s puppy and my wife’s reading buddy,
When I worked from home, he was my little understudy,
He was an emotive thing and knew how to tell you what for,
He loved to sleep up in the closest, an open box or drawer,
When we packed for trips, he’d climb inside our suitcase,
When sitting around our necks, he’d flick his tail in our face,
He knew what he wanted and how to demand it,
Loving as hell but still managed to scare vets his hiss and spit,
He was the master of making biscuits after climbing into bed,
I will always remember how he nuzzled us with his little head,
We laughed how he’d squish himself behind the front door,
He was the best companion any of us could have asked for,
15 years weren’t nearly long enough with him – I swear,
Our lives won’t be the same without him being there,

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