Poem #1646

Social Addiction

To my computer screen, I seemed glued,
Watching endless YouTube videos subdued,
The Up Next feature keeps me there,
Unblinking in a prolonged stare,
This happens far too frequently for my taste,
All that time lost is such a waste,
Why do they make social networks so seductive?
I could have been doing something productive,
I know they’re made that way by design,
That’s why social media and life these days intertwine,
Everyone is addicted to the social media machine,
That’s why people can’t stop looking at the nearest screen,
All but one account I deleted to fight that affliction,
But YouTube tells me I still have an addiction,
And even though I watch YouTube a good amount,
I can’t bring myself to delete that final account,
There must be some other kind of solution,
Deleting all my accounts can’t be the only resolution,

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