Poem #15


Amid civilization where buildings
and noises are the norm,
Even nature survives and grows
but must conform,
Human-planted trees sway
in technology’s common air,
Desperate pigeons search for food
in the machine jungle with despair,
Grasses and sprouting seeds seep
from sidewalk cracks,
Flowers are found in sidewalk planters
or in pots on sidewalk racks,
Whispering breezes are interrupted
by sirens in the distance or near,
Engines and machines take
the places of what the world used to hear,
Ancient forests replaced
by swathes of concrete slabs,
The roaming wildlife replaced
by honking cabs,
Beautiful sunsets replaced
by the thick choking smog,
Nature recedes
in this so-called civilized epilogue,
Green is scarce
except for society’s greed for money,
Smells of food and exhaust
instead of meadows and honey,
Homeless ramble
while nature is dotted by chunks of trash,
Robotic humans speed along
in their greedy dash,
Common friendliness replaced
by middle fingers and damning,
Storekeepers once opened doors to all
now in their faces slamming,
Has all the light and goodness disappeared
from the world we know?
Why does all the good leave
when the bad needs to go?
Civilization knows only itself
but not the future that is to come,
Erasing what we had
and embracing the metallic is dumb,
But society sees itself
as smart, indestructible and new,
Civilization’s demise
is said to come soon- maybe it’s true,
But our destruction is certain
unless we see we’re mistaken,
Society has made bad choices
but when will the good ones be taken?
Technology is causing
the true meanings of life to be thrown away,
In order to survive civilization must change
for there is no other way,
If not, the world is doomed
from the mistakes that we all make,
We must soon change
for all society’s sake.

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