Poem #1702

What I Do for Work

6 am – I’m up,
It’s dark, and all is quiet,
Too freaking early!

Poem #1701

This Isn’t the Way

We know how to be kind,
Yet the majority pay it no mind,
It’s no harder to be kind than mean,
Be it in person or behind a screen,
There’s so much them versus us,
We’ve forgotten how to discuss,
Love thy neighbor is now hate,
Ill will is almost a mandate,
Has humanity lost its heart?
So many forces pull us apart,
Society is in a state of decay,
But it need not be that way,
Anger and hate have a steep price,
So why can’t we all just be nice?

Poem #1700

El Paso and Dayton

Two more mass shootings in the last 24 hours,
More scenes of mourning: candles and flowers,
There’s always talk of thoughts and prayers,
But where’s a politician that really cares?
Demands for gun control erupt nationwide,
But on that topic, there’s a large divide,
Inaction with legislation may seem strange,
But gun owners and corporations don’t want change,
It seems money talks, but death does not,
This is what happens when politicians are bought,
Can’t we honor the second amendment in the constitution,
But also find a real solution?
This issue can’t be that hard to solve,
Maybe the second amendment just needs to evolve,
Is it just a matter of getting rid of assault guns?
We can’t continue to lose our daughters and sons,