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Bad Blood (Poem)

Bad Blood

I went to donate my blood,
To my surprise, I went thud!

Who’d have thought I’d faint,
But my flesh lost its paint,

They stuck me, and I laid back,
Suddenly it all went black,

I came to with them above me,
That’s a result I didn’t foresee!

Salts were used as a refresher,
Then they took my blood pressure,

For observation, I had to stay,
Despite the fact, I felt okay,

Ugg- I fainted giving blood,
Well, that attempt was a dud.

Bugs (Poem)


Behold technology in all its glitches,
Blinking lights and faulty switches,
Bits and bytes running completely amuck,
Batteries that like to totally suck,
Bolts and screws falling off and missing,
Broken CDs and corrupt hard drives hissing,
Backups that fail,
And lost email,

Face of a Child (Poem)

Face of a Child

Her image is echoed in the face of our child,
In him, I see her beauty so soft and so mild,
I can’t help but smile and shake my head,
Makes me wonder what else has been bred,
Together those two are something of a riot,
One thing is for certain neither is called quiet,
They both are very sassy but honestly sweet,
But without either, I wouldn’t be complete,
How interesting is what gets passed down,
A laugh, a pout, a smile, even a frown,
In him, I see her beauty so soft and so mild,
Her image is echoed in the face of our child,

Another Runny Nose (Poem)

Another Runny Nose

Oh, runny nose!
Must I have so many blows?
I’ve used a ton of tissue,
To battle my allergy issue,
My nose can’t take too much more,
Heaven help me, it’s sore!
I feel the pressure in my head,
Pushing with the weight of lead,
I was hoping it’d be brief,
But doesn’t look like I’ll have any relief,
It would seem my nose prefers to run,
This is its idea of fun?

Blogging (Poem)


Maybe I don’t get blogs,
Hell, for that matter vlogs,
Journaling I get,
It helps us writers get our feet wet,
It expresses what we see and how we feel,
It’s a canvas to write about fantasy and real,
It’s a non-judging page,
And for our characters a private stage,
It’s ours to solely keep,
To smile over or weep,
But blogs and vlogs are for all to see,
Whatever happened to diaries being just for me?
Why public? Why share?
Why broadcast your life over the air?
I guess I prefer to keep close to the vest,
I guess I’m not like the rest.

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