For centuries now, poets all over the world have been sharing their poems with others using the medium of chapbooks. That tradition has seen a resurgence in the last few decades due to the lower cost of printing and the changes in technology, especially with the internet.

I’ve often considered the idea of making my own chapbooks, but I’ve always stopped short because I’m a private person. Sharing personal things doesn’t come easily for me, and to me, there’s nothing more personal than poetry. You see, I tend to use poetry how others might use a journal or a diary. It’s a place that allows me to explore my thoughts and feelings as well as attempt to understand the world around me. Truth be told, it doesn’t always work.

But after twenty-some years of writing likely cringeworthy but heartfelt poetry, I find myself lamenting that I’ve mostly kept it to myself. Poetry deserves to be more than just digital dust on my hard drive. It needs someone to experience it, someone beyond its creator.

As much as it weirds me out to do so, it’s time for me to open up (at least a little). Instead of a producing a traditional chapbook or its e-chapbook counterpart, I’ve opted to share my poetry here on my website. It’s my take on a digital chapbook.

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