Poem #1660

Pulled Along

It’s so hard to find a moment’s peace,
Much less the opportunity for release,
There’s just too much going on these days,
Time seems to pass by in a thick haze,
How did things become so hectic and fast?
What happened to the slow and steady of the past?
The times I’ve tried to take a small pause,
I’m snatched onward in unforgiving jaws,
I don’t comprehend the urgency behind it all,
I’m pulled along with it feeling like a ragdoll,
Gone are the days where I could control my path,
Is there an end to this stress-filled bloodbath?

Poem #1659

The State of Things

I can’t fathom the sheer amount of change,
I find it all discombobulating and strange,
Is it just me or have things gone downhill?
Or are my perceptions of a mountain merely a molehill?
The world seems angrier than it used to be,
The deeper divisions between people are easy to see,
Peaceful protests are now riots of pure outrage,
Gender identity, LGBT rights, and racism take center stage,
Patriotism appears to be fading from country fast,
Calls for socialism from our youth are now on blast,
Feelings have become more important than fact,
People are now overly sensitive and overreact,
Social agendas are pushed in movies and news,
Political infighting and vitriol mean we all lose,
Common ground and courtesy are things of the past,
The changes between then and now seem awfully vast,

Poem #1658

Aversion to Pink

Why did I get the pink post-it note?
My protest died in my throat,

I’m sure they meant nothing by the act,
It’s best that I don’t overreact,

All I could do was stare and blink,
Why did it have to be pink?

It’s not a color that I hate,
It’s just I’m a guy who’s straight,

That color is generally for a girl,
Hence why my reaction was a lip curl,

Even if the color doesn’t get my vote,
A post-it note is a post-it note.