Nov 18, 2019

So, I’m writing at Starbucks over lunch today and witnessed this conversation:

Customer: * walks up to the pick-up area and stares intently at the barista *
Barista: Need something?
Customer: Yesterday I was here and I dropped my phone in the trash. Did you pick it out?
Barista: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Did you let us know that you dropped it in there?
Customer: No.
Barista: Oh. Well, we take out the trash daily. If you had let us know when it happened, we might have been able to help.
Customer: So I’ve lost my phone then?
Barista: I’m sorry?
Customer: I keep going in the negative with my bank account!

How? What? The weirdness surrounding us is astonishing. It makes me wonder how many weird conversations happen daily at that pick-up counter. #starbucks #conversations #weird

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