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Dangers Ahead

It’s officially the turtle nesting season for beaches across the east coast and a lot of the beaches that I like to frequent have already started seeing both the mama turtles and their nests. It’s neat to count the nests throughout the season and then actually see the little baby turtles scramble across the sands, ultimately to wrestle their way past the surf into the ocean at large.

It kind of reminds me of what’s happening with my son. We’ve watched him grow these last 18 years into an adult and now it’s his turn to scramble across the sands and wrestle his way past the surf into the world at large. Due to COVID-19, he like many high school seniors aren’t getting a traditional graduation. Last night he attended his virtual graduation and then today he participated in his senior parade, where he got to do a drive-thru version of walking across the stage. Somehow, he grew up faster than I ever thought possible. It’s bittersweet feeling.

I’m sad that his senior year got cut short. I wish he could have been able to spend more time with his friends and experience those last days of his high school life. Those days will never come again. To make matters worse, he had a job lined up at the zoo that he was looking forward to but all that got put on hold due to the virus. The zoo is just now reopening but it doesn’t look like the job he had lined up is available currently. We’re not certain if he’ll have a job there once all this is over.

When I look around at the world, I wonder what kind of legacy we’ve left him. There’s a pandemic running wild and half our country believes it’s a hoax. Many aren’t wearing masks or social distancing. News outlets spread propaganda for the political parties they support, leaving the world even more divided than it was. Everything is polarized. America is no longer “we the people” but “us versus them”. Society feels like it’s breaking down and the rule of law tattered. As a parent, I feel like we’ve failed him and there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

At the end of the day, not all those little baby turtles survive. There’s a whole host of predators out there just waiting to devour them. My son faces the same dangers. I just hope I’ve equipped him well enough to make it through all those obstacles and thrive.

Speaking of the ocean, my wife and I have been talking about when we might head to the beach now that everything is opening back up. It’s clear from our news and social feeds that people are returning to the beach in droves. Personally, we feel it’s way too early to go right now. We’re going to at least give it until July and see where things stand. Considering that we’ve already missed two of our normal trips to the beach, we’re dying to go but don’t want that to be literal. I just hope things will have leveled out by then so we can go. Time will tell.

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