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Space X Launch

It didn’t get rained out this time! It was really cool to see history unfolding in real time yesterday. Not only did the launch of the Falcon 9 go well, the booster returned to earth as planned and landed successfully on the ocean-based landing pad. Pretty slick compared to how the old rockets and fuels tanks of the shuttle came back to earth. I checked in on them a few minutes ago and watched the Dragon capsule do their manual test maneuvers and then dock with the ISS. That was awesome! I love space stuff.

I’ve been wrestling with my story idea for days. Bit and pieces have emerged as I’ve tried to brainstorm using Q&A, but key elements have been missing, especially how the main character fits into the story as a whole. It felt as if my imagination randomly picked a character out of bucket and then threw them into an unrelated situation which has nothing to do with them. Yeah, I’ve been banging my head against my desk. How did you know? I went to bed frustrated because I wasn’t getting anywhere. 1am rolls around and I wake up with a little heartburn but as I laid back down, the next big piece pops into my head. More pieces continued to come to me as I furiously scribbled stuff down in the dark. It’s funny how that works.

So where does that put me? I now know why my main character is there and why he’s needed. I also know more about my antagonist and the method to his machinations. Also gained some tidbits about side characters that I was also lost on. I even got the first line of the story last night. That’s a really good sign. I still have plenty of stuff yet to work out, but I like I might be over that big hurdle that’s been tripping me up. I’m so ready to get back into writing stage but I can’t rush it.

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