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The pull to go to the beach is super strong this weekend. Maybe it’s because it’s the Memorial Day weekend and we had originally planned to go around this time before all this COVID-19 mess. And when I say strong, I mean I can feel it in my bones like a fire. I need to go to the beach each year, the more times the better. It’s part of my soul. I’ve been pulling up webcams but it’s not the same as digging your toes into the wet sand and feeling the waves crash against you. I need to breath in that salty air and listen to the seagulls cry. But as much as I want it, I have self-restraint. It’s clear that many others don’t have it.

I was thinking about what I wanted to cook this weekend and my answer came in the form of a poem. I had to laugh. I clearly have food issues.

Missing Eating Out
Months ago, I would have said I eat out too much,
After prolonged quarantine I now wish for such,
I love homecooked meals and all,
But at this point it’s driving me up the wall,
I’m tired of cooking and want something new,
There’re only so much Pinterest I can go through,
I keep trying out new recipes each week,
But how about some Chinese, Italian, or Greek?
Hot french fries and a greasy burger would do,
Maybe a shrimp boil or a hearty Irish beef stew,
I miss being able to go out and eat,
What once was boring would now be a treat,

Mood: A stressed green star. Restless

Music: Sisters of Mercy – “Dominion”

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Milestone Poetry

What an emotional couple of days! I’m glad I took yesterday off. We got done with all the festivities just before lunchtime and took a whole bunch of pictures afterward. I probably could have just done a half-day yesterday considering what time we got done but it ended up being good that I didn’t go back to work. It allowed me to write a couple of poems and take care of some other tasks that I’d been meaning to take care of.

I’m really glad his high school broadcasted both the virtual graduation and the senior parade on YouTube Live. That allowed our family members to watch it from the safety of their own homes while it was happening. I know they were looking forward to coming to the actual graduation, but this ended up being the next best thing. YouTube has a lot of his high school career if you consider all the band performances that are on there over the years. I think it’s cool that he has that to look back on when he wants to reminisce.

Not everyone is big into poetry, so I haven’t been sharing a lot of my stuff lately. But since these are rather large milestones, I felt it would be good to share them here.

The first is about his virtual graduation:

Virtual Graduation
The pandemic threatened to cancel my son’s graduation,
But little did it know it was up against the TCHS bulldog nation,
It managed to kill senior prom and his remaining senior year,
We were told graduation couldn’t happen and we shed a tear,
He had earned the right to walk across that promised stage,
It’s an important milestone that signals his coming of age,
We and the rest of his family, as with others, mourned the loss,
But TCHS bulldogs would show that coronavirus who’s boss,
While it couldn’t be in person, they could have one online,
To everyone’s surprise a virtual graduation turned out fine,
A live online broadcast is more than a bit unorthodox,
But they read their names and gave their standard talks,
It was clear from his laughs and the class messages being sent,
That having a virtual graduation did the trick- 100 percent.

The second is about his senior parade:

Senior Parade
Knowing that the seniors had earned the right to walk the stage,
The TCHS bulldog nation has one more fight to wage,
The parents and the seniors decked in their caps and gowns,
Drove to the school parking lot and filled it with cheering sounds,
We lined up in the order in which we arrived and watched the cars,
Car horns honked and one by one they went, just like ours,
We drove through a maze of rural streets lined with cheering folk,
I never imagined the feelings such a parade would invoke,
When we reached Bulldog Boulevard, we were sorted into our lane,
Photos were snapped and teachers cheered – It was all insane,
We proceeded two by two until we got to the stage and he got out, 
We watched him walk the stage as the wind whipped about,
That special moment we’d all worked hard for had finally came,
We tried to take pictures as best we could and cheered at his name,
I don’t know how he felt but for us it was an emotional whirlpool,
Just like that it was over, and we were driving away from his school,

I don’t know if they invoke the same emotions in others as they do with me but if they did, I’m sorry. Maybe this video will make you feel better. Enjoy!

Mood: A stressed green star. Overwhelmed

Music: Lindsey Stirling – “Crystallize”

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