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Today was one of those days where my brain is empty. There’s nothing bubbling up that I’m thinking about, outside of a story question that I can’t seem to answer. Sadly, it’s one of those questions that are crucial to the story. I’ll keep noodling on it. Why am I one of those writers that come up with the characters first instead of a story plot? Because my subconscious likes to be difficult!

It seems our hummingbird feeder has finally caught on. A little while back, a hummingbird kept coming to my office window to eat bugs that got caught in a spiderweb. It visited enough that I mentioned it to my wife, and we decided to get it a hummingbird feeder. And wouldn’t you know it, the hummingbird ignored our feeder! But in the last week, we’ve had several different hummingbirds find it and feed. Now they’re showing up more and more. So now in addition to seeing my regular chipmunk buddy outside, I get to see the hummingbirds visit.

That’s not to say that’s our only visitors. We’ve got plenty of squirrels, doves and cardinals that drop by on a regular basis. I’m pretty sure that’s because we put birdseed and corn out. That’s something my son enjoys doing. He’s always checking to see if they need more. I guess you could say our yard is teaming with wildlife. Heck, just the other day we saw a deer in the backyard. That’s not something I typically imagine seeing in an urban environment.

I’m glad they’re out there though. It’s a reminder that we still live in nature, whether we realize it or not. There’s both music and beauty in the world around us and we can experience it if we merely look outside our window every so often.

Mood: An awake green star. Awake

Music: Klaus Badelt – “The Medallion Calls”

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