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The pull to go to the beach is super strong this weekend. Maybe it’s because it’s the Memorial Day weekend and we had originally planned to go around this time before all this COVID-19 mess. And when I say strong, I mean I can feel it in my bones like a fire. I need to go to the beach each year, the more times the better. It’s part of my soul. I’ve been pulling up webcams but it’s not the same as digging your toes into the wet sand and feeling the waves crash against you. I need to breath in that salty air and listen to the seagulls cry. But as much as I want it, I have self-restraint. It’s clear that many others don’t have it.

I was thinking about what I wanted to cook this weekend and my answer came in the form of a poem. I had to laugh. I clearly have food issues.

Missing Eating Out
Months ago, I would have said I eat out too much,
After prolonged quarantine I now wish for such,
I love homecooked meals and all,
But at this point it’s driving me up the wall,
I’m tired of cooking and want something new,
There’re only so much Pinterest I can go through,
I keep trying out new recipes each week,
But how about some Chinese, Italian, or Greek?
Hot french fries and a greasy burger would do,
Maybe a shrimp boil or a hearty Irish beef stew,
I miss being able to go out and eat,
What once was boring would now be a treat,

Mood: A stressed green star. Restless

Music: Sisters of Mercy – “Dominion”

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