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Sorting It Out

To my honest astonishment, I finished fleshing out my antagonist yesterday. It could easily be described as a huge brain dump. By fleshing him out, I’ve been able to organize my mind mapping document a great deal more. I’ve gone back and forth on whether to outline this story. I don’t think I will, at least not in the traditional sense. This mind mapping will likely serve as the outline in a very loose sort of way.

The next thing to flesh out is setting and get a few more details on the secondary characters that I know about. I think after that, I’ll have to think through the possible events in the story. Right now, my brain is still mush so I’m not sure how fast I’ll get there. But I’m farther along than I thought! I’ll be glad when I can put pen to paper on this one. I don’t want to think about how long it’ll take me to write this one.

On a side note, I saw that ChicSparrow finally released their Carroll collection. That leather is a beautiful turquoise color! I would absolutely adore a traveler’s notebook in that color but unfortunately, they aren’t making composition notebook sizes anymore. And considering that I have about 4 composition notebooks that I haven’t even started using yet, it doesn’t make sense to switch to a different notebook size just to be able to use a traveler’s notebook cover.

I’m having second thoughts about my poetry. Part of me says it’s personal but part of me says I should be sharing it. Then again, what I’m writing right now is personal and I’m still sharing it publicly. I know I can’t make money off my poetry, not really. But maybe I should reconsider posting them here on my site for others to read. That would take a lot of time to post all that poetry though. That’s the sort of thing that would take away from my actual writing time. Dunno. I’ll have to give it some more thought.

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Music: Emilie Autumn – “Dead Is The New Alive”


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