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It’s Looney

I don’t like talking about this kind of stuff but today’s headline that the modern version of Looney Tunes is getting rid of Elmer Fudd’s and Yosemite Sam’s guns is just plain crazy. It’s comedy! It doesn’t promote gun violence in kids. I get we have more gun violence in today’s society, but that’s because the news outlets eat it up. The more it’s shown, the more folks who might be inclined to do it get the idea that they can do it.

These are classic characters with a rich history. It’s unfathomable that Warner Brothers wants to change them like that. Their guns were the pivotal piece to their characters. What’s next? Because there’s so much violence in the world, they’ll stop the Hulk from going mean and green? No more Hulk smash? I wouldn’t be surprised.

I swear to goodness we’ve gotten so sensitive and soft. What happened to us? In our effort to protect our children, did we protect them too much from the world that they can’t handle it without safe spaces and bubble wrap? The world can no longer abide by folks having different opinions. I truly worry about the world and what the next 20 years will bring.

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Music:  Weezer – “The End of the Game”


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