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Had to Step Away

I didn’t post yesterday. That was partially intentional. I noticed that I’ve been posting everyday and that wasn’t what I had planned on. Honestly, I didn’t set out with any posting schedule in mind. In the back of my mind, I guess I was thinking I’d be posting 2-3 times a week, but I wasn’t married to the idea. I just felt I would write when I had something I wanted to say, which I guess is what I’ve been doing. I just didn’t want to set the expectation that it would be a daily thing, despite my behavior otherwise.

Life wise, the day was filled with back to back conference calls and a good amount to urgent issues that required my attention. I did manage to get a lunch break! While I nuked my frozen dinner, I decided to try to catch up on my social feeds. Boy was that a mistake. I think Goodreads and Pinterest were the only ones that weren’t dripping with anger, hate, politics and venom. Yesterday was one of those days where I seriously considered deleting my social accounts.

After I inhaled my lunch, I used the rest of my limited time to brainstorm and map out my main character. I feel like I made a lot of progress during that session, even though I didn’t get to finish. I’m hoping to have another successful session later today. I’ve got a good idea of what I need to do in order to get to the point where I can start working on the first draft. I’m thinking I should be able to start mid-June, but we’ll see what happens. But like I said, I’m feeling pretty good about yesterday’s work and path forward. I’m glad I have writing to turn to when the world is in chaos.

Mood: A working green star with a computer. Productive

Music:  Van Halen – “Right Now”


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