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Attacking the To-Do

It took longer than I expected but I finished fleshing out my main character during this morning’s writing session. There are more details than I think I’ll ever end up using but some of it spurred on some future ideas that could happen to the character. I feel really good about how he turned out.

The next thing to flesh out is my antagonist. I don’t think I’ll need to get into the same amount of detail I did with the main character but who knows what will happen. I’d like to get him done this weekend if possible, but it might take longer. Mostly, it’s because today’s to-do list is pretty full.

My car has been needing maintenance for over a month now, so I’m getting that taken care of. We need to do our weekly grocery trip, get cat food and swing by Best Buy to replace some charger cords. I also need to do the dishes before cooking dinner tonight.

My wife’s hand is doing better. I think they plan to remove the stitches next week. She can’t ball her fist yet but she’s able to curl it some. Getting there!

Paid off my laptop and made an extra payment on my wife’s car. It feels good to mark one thing off our debt list and to start attacking another. I’m still concerned about the upcoming layoffs but hopefully that won’t impact me. Time will tell.

I guess I better wrap this up. My pen is fading fast. I’ve apparently used all the ink up without knowing it! And of course, I didn’t bring a spare. So much for getting that antagonist work done. Ha! Rest in peace little pen.

Mood: A working green star with a computer. Busy

Music: Jon Bon Jovi – “Blaze of Glory”


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