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A Matter of Money

I don’t typically care for ads but I recently saw one on Facebook for the Inkredible Box that caught my eye. It’s basically a subscription box where you get a new fountain pen and some ink each month. It’s tempting! I’m not sure I can justify the cost though. I bet it would be great for folks who journal by hand a lot. I’ve seen a bunch of subscription boxes pop up lately, mostly around food or shaving, but none of them made me really consider getting one. This subscription box on the other hand at least made me consider the idea. Kudos to them!

Since I’m talking about ads, I figured I should mention another one that I’ve recently seen. It’s for the reMarkable 2. It’s a digital tablet that’s designed for longhand writing. It resembles a large kindle that supposedly gives you feeling of writing on paper rather than a screen. I like the idea that I can write my story in longhand, convert it to text and then do my handwritten edits on the same device. There’s just one problem. It’s $450 dollars! Uhm, that’s a hell no from me.

I might not be buying those particular items, but I did break down and purchase my first pair of wireless earbuds yesterday. They’re a pair of SoundMates from Tzumi. They have a similar design to the Apple AirPods, which I like, but don’t have the $159 price tag. My son picked up a pair a while back and has loved them. I’ve been needing a new pair of earphones for a bit and I figured now was as good as any to finally go wireless. Hopefully, they’ll enable me to listen to my audiobooks more and not be as encumbered when I’m out and about writing.

Speaking of money, have you seen how much the new Scoob! movie is? It costs $19.99 to rent the movie, at my OWN house! That’s the same amount it would cost two adults to go see a movie in a real theater. I already think movie tickets are way too expensive these days but at least there you’re getting some sort of experience. I’m not getting any kind of experience from my living room TV. Why on earth is it so expensive? I would love to see it but I’m going to pass at that price. They’re out of their minds.  

Ahem. I really didn’t intend for this post to be just about buying or not buying stuff. It just seemed to be the ongoing theme. Whoops.

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