Poem #7


In the dark night.
Spinning forever round.
Without life, purpose or meaning.
A rock.

Poem #6

Abstract Thought

Swirls of gray matter,
Shards shatter,
Pieces scatter,
Drops splatter,

Starfield of light,
Streaks excite,
Flickers delight,
Ideas ignite,

Orchestra of sound,
Heartbeats pound,
Whispers surround,
Echoes abound,

In abstract thought.

Poem #5

Blackbeard’s Ghost

A wet sheet and a flowing sea,
Above the mast, the flag whips proud and free,
Pirates scream, laugh, dance and holler,
For the adventure of gold, power and the dollar,
Pirates’ life- money, lust, and warring,
Swashbuckling, swords, and cannonballs roaring,
The life, so carefree and without complaint,
Bold and extravagant but not for the faint,
Life over water and the salty sea air,
Like Edward Teach with firecrackers in his hair,
Life to the fullest by the sword and by the gun,
A pirates’ life- not all games or fun,
Those ghost pirates still ride the waves,
Still having adventures, laughs, and their raves.