Poem #1706

Brown Coats

Floral bonnet swear,
You can’t take the sky from me.
Firefly got cancelled.

Poem #1705


Little to no energy left,
People caused the theft,
Interactions have drained me dry,
I can’t recharge my supply,
I need to be left alone,
When that’ll be is unknown,
Life and work force me to play-act,
They don’t understand their impact,
I can’t keep others at bay,
It makes me want to run away,
My only option is to wear a mask,
For recharging is too much of an ask,

Poem #1704

Still Hurts

Friends and family inevitably cross,
When do we ever get over the loss?
Years go by, and it still pulls at the heartstrings,
Bittersweet memories and longing stings,
How long does that would take to heal?
How long must I endure the loss I feel?
Death and time are but a thief,
And it’s us who have to deal with the grief,
I’m beginning to think I’ll always feel that pang,
I abhor death and its poisonous fang,
Is it possible to find emotional peace?
Or does grief and loss have no release?