Poem #1696

A Digital Problem

Sometimes it’s hard to put down the phone,
I suppose their addictiveness is well known,
I tell myself I can put it down when I want,
But when I do, there’s a voice that likes to taunt,
Did someone send me a message or reply?
Am I missing the latest news or outcry?
Did people see or like my last post?
It’s in these questions that I become engrossed,
Real life happens all around me and yet,
If I’m not plugged in digitally, I fret,
Signs I might have a problem are there,
But isn’t it just people, the internet and software?
These things don’t sound all that detrimental,
But I guess their impacts are incremental,

Poem #1695

Never Right

No matter how hard I try,
The results go awry,
My aim is to get it right,
But comes out close but not quite,
Every attempt I make correction,
But never do I achieve perfection,
Perhaps perfection is a strong word,
It’s just the outcome isn’t preferred,
Getting it right shouldn’t be hard,
Yet I keep missing the mark by a yard!
I’ll keep trying with all my might,
Perhaps one day I’ll get it right,

Poem #1694

Cost Per Calories

They say less is more,
It’s a shame less calories,
Isn’t less money.