Poem #1651

The Waiting

Today I expect to hear lots of curses,
Because today they announce the surpluses,
All around me is the feeling of dismay,
No one knows quite what to say,
Everyone just waits to see what happens next,
No one can concentrate on their projects,
Nerves are shaky and paper thin,
Once the calls start, I’m sure it’ll all tailspin,
The not knowing is the hardest part,
Who gets to stay and who will depart?

Poem #1650

Government Shutdown

The government – shutdown!
800,000+ employees let down,
No paychecks to pay bills,
Due to a wall and battle of wills,
Today marks 34 days and counting,
The consequences are mounting,
If things go too much more,
Outrage will turn into an uproar,
On the government may folks depend,
The spat between parties must end,
Neither side have spoken,
America is heartbroken,
There needs to be a compromise,
They seem hellbent on otherwise,
America is tired of this pissing match,
Where is our escape hatch?
President Trump is to blame,
Democrats and Republicans? The same!

Poem #1649

Go Forward

Head on straight,
Embrace your fate,
Don’t fear the unknown,
Bravery must be shown,
It’s a new frontier,
Calm your fear,
There is only one guarantee,
What will be will be,