Poem #1672

Emotionally Invested

At management,
Regarding their approach,
Because I care about my job,

Poem #1671

What’s Real?

Some said it couldn’t be done,
But you know what- I won!

Or is that just my perception?
Reality is filled with deception,

We trick ourselves every day,
Through actions and what we say,

What is a lie and what is real?
Is it fact or just how we feel?

A trick of the eye or the mind,
Sometimes to the truth we’re blind,

Poem #1670

Fatter We Become

Why is it so easy to overeat?
It’s almost as if we need a cheat sheet!
Calories come at us like mad,
The average person’s intake is just sad,
They’re well above what we should eat,
Eating rightsized portions seems a feat,
We’re a culture of eating meals on the go,
We’ve forgotten how to eat right and consume slow,
How did we as a nation get to this state?
Sadly, it worsens at a steady rate,
What is the solution to this obesity we now face?
It’s a matter of life and death for the human race,