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Husband. Father. LEGO enthusiast. Tea drinker. Poet & Author.

September 2018


Writing Stats

  • Writing Sessions: 30
  • Time Spent: 20 hours 25 minutes
  • Average Time Spent Per Session: 40 minutes
  • Poems Written: 5
  • Prose Written: 8,742 words

I finished rewrites on The Collector, but I know it’ll still need a couple of revisions before it’s done. The good news is that I really like how it ended up. After getting feedback from my beta readers, I jumped back into rewriting C’est La Vie. There were small issues with the conflict between the main character and the antagonist, as well as the ending not having enough of a punch. I’ve been slowly working to get all that fixed but didn’t get it done due to real life getting in the way.

On a side note, my muse is apparently ready for me to get back to novel writing. I was driving to work one morning, and an old idea resurfaced. Not only did it resurface, it pretty much fleshed out what happens in the first two chapters. I had to spend time at work scribbling it all down before I could get started for the day. I want to get these two shorts done and out on submission before I start working on a novel-length. Hopefully, my muse can wait until I’m ready.

– Ryan

Ryan Lee King Author


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Ryan Lee King

Husband. Father. LEGO enthusiast. Tea drinker. Poet & Author.

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